Facts and Questions:

I usually paint on Bristol or wood board, I prefer a very smooth surface. I start with a pencil or line drawing and work up the color from there. I will use layers of clear gel medium and acrylic paint. Often I incorporate pages from old books layered under the surface. Sometimes I sand down the piece and start from the base ghost image to give a more weathered layered look.

My smaller 6″ pieces usually take a few days to a week to finish. Most often I am working on one to two pieces at a time.

I’m inspired by all sorts of cool things: food labels, the isles of Super 88, run down warehouses, faded pages of dusty books found in musty basements, old survival manuals, crisp comics, the woods, Audobon prints, and lots and lots of movies including the works of David Lynch, Michel Gondry, Quentin Tarantino and Hayao Miyazaki.

Reoccurring imagery:
White rabbits

I often see white rabbits in relation to Alice in Wonderland, representing an unattainable muse that leads one through life on an endless chase.

Cat type critters
These little guys are an odd combination of all my favorite critters, part cat , Boston tarrier , rat , and albino ferret. They often have chubby faces round bear ears and stumpy legs.

Pigs are viewed in many different ways, as a food source, evil, cute, dirty and smart. Their imagery reoccurs through out a lot of my favorite literature, Animal Farm, Charloette’s Web, Hannibal and Lord of the Flies. I also enjoy their visual qualities, the translucent pink colors of their skin, beaty eyes and squeaky noses.

How to purchase:
Most of the work on my website is sold. If you want a painting or drawing keep an eye on my upcoming shows and sales. There are still some galleries that have some of my work in their inventory. You can also be added to my mailing list or check out my Facebook page for updates.